PayPal has changed their settings which now do not allow non-business accounts to use payment buttons like we've had in the past to accept credit cards.  A link is provided below but you will be required to open a PayPal account, then a credit card, savings or checking account can be connected to complete your transaction. 

If using a credit card, you will be charged a processing fee (GLR absorbed this fee in the past).  Using a savings/checking account instead may save you the fees.  The charges are:

 Late/At the Door - $110 = $113.49

If you choose to continue with PayPal, you only need to enter the base amount of your "purchase", i.e. 110.00, not 113.49.  In the "Notes" section, include your name, address, phone# and email so we know who you are.

As with any new account, PayPal will spam you with emails as a new user.  You can close the account once your transaction has completely cleared with us. 

Please print a copy of the registration form if you choose not to use the PayPal option.


The Final Frenzy

​​​​Great Lakes Region of AHDI

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Make checks payable to GLR-AHDI, and send to:

Stephanie Kinney, Treasurer
223 32nd St SE
Wyoming, MI 49548